Cultists of Cthulhu

Created by Sixpence Games

Cultists of Cthulhu
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A horror boardgame of teamwork, and betrayal set in H.P. Lovecraft's Miskatonic University. Now fully funded and with Stretch Goals!

Raised in Kickstarter
$57,248.26 / 515 backers
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$7,720.00 / 522 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: February 2016
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Cultists of Cthulhu
It is a dark and stormy night. A lightning bolt has shattered the Elder Sign over the entrance to... more »
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Music Recital
Old folks may disapprove of it, but college kids know that there' s just something magical about ... more »
Uploads 2f276d8551a3959dd1c8c37a078a9e433a 2fartgallery legacy square thumb
Art Gallery
There is a gallery showing at Miskatonic University, and the campus is covered in pieces of art. ... more »
Uploads 2f8484dcf7ead444f55e8ae67ed1ac6dbc 2ftomes legacy square thumb
Tomes and Spells
There wouldn't be much point in having this amazing library if nobody ever read anything in it, r... more »
Uploads 2f23362bf2b17e67b04e457146e66cee42 2fdunwichhorror legacy square thumb
The Dunwich Horror
In this all new scenario, the Cultist is either Wilbur Whateley or an agent of his, sent to retri... more »
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Great Race of Yith
this scenario is unique in that it is not played on its own, but can be added to any other scenar... more »
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Character Pack
Four extra characters: the hobo who hangs out on campus, the groundskeeper, a townie who tends b... more »
Uploads 2fcb1456007c6898b42acec97814f1e9fe 2fartofcultists legacy square thumb
Art e-Book
Not gameplay related, this is an ebook showing not only all the art in the game, but how the art ... more »
Uploads 2f327e0242e176e4b9515df9accadd4fb0 2fdiploma legacy square thumb
Miskatonic University Diploma
Not gameplay related, this is a custom diploma declaring you to have graduated from Miskatonic Un... more »
Uploads 2f5db38e175db4810b8396e95aca607008 2fprof 20p 20box legacy square thumb
Professor Pugnacious
The first game from Sixpence Games! In this deckbuilding game featuring fast paced, simultaneous ... more »
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Treachery on the Trains - Professor Pugnacious expansion
The sinister, shadowy Traitor lurks unseen. The train takes you barreling through one Event after... more »
Uploads 2f14d2839cbde99e540c9f84cd6bab88d3 2farmies 20of 20the 20undead legacy square thumb
Armies of the Undead - Professor Pugnacious promo pack
The Vampyre commands a horde of Zombies, who will infiltrate your deck without you realizing! Can... more »
Uploads 2f488e9d3c57d1c6270ba7bc9a297cbb88 2fmythos 20monstrosities legacy square thumb
Mythos Monstrosities - Professor Pugnacious promo pack
The Shoggoth shudders into view. With the Necronomicon in hand, can you endure the Unnatural Geom... more »
Uploads 2fb3a67119154b97a0267d9c98329df7c1 2fgreat 20detectives legacy square thumb
The Great Detectives - Professor Pugnacious promo pack
Can you catch the Criminal Mastermind? Become a Gumshoe, graduate to Great Detective, and find out!
Uploads 2fbc18e56a2a263ed1b7833f203fe9826a 2fage 20of 20industry legacy square thumb
Age of Industry - Professor Pugnacious promo pack
It’s the Industrial Revolution, and as a Captain of Industry, your outputs have never been higher... more »
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Crowdfunding Exclusive Professor Pugnacious promo pack
Add several unique twists to your Professor Pugnacious game with this promo pack, exclusively ava... more »